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20 April 1889




potato field

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Velvet Sundown

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STALKER: Call of Pripyat

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Starting with Battlefield 1942 and Halo: Custom Edition, A Cow has been an assclown since the day he started his online gaming career. Pioneering exploits on a weekly basis and taking down entire server networks with relentless and continuous attacks, A Cow was a welcome addition to the team when he encountered Christreborn, Ricky Bobby and Seungdongs ragebotting in a match of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta. Soon after he meeting the original founder of the group, Scarydeep, A Cow took the initiative and drove a massive two-year long attack on Valve's servers, during this time A Cow encountered the infamous ParkourDude91 in a steam chat and later drove a campaign against him In CS:GO. This lead to rage videos being uploaded to what would become the official Team Gamerfood Youtube channel. Leading to numerous patches and attacks on the group in retaliation by Parkourdude, Valve and raged Reddit kids alike. Scarydeep later resigned his leadership of Team Gamerfood to A Cow on the condition that Scarydeep retained the title of "The King™". R.I.P 11th February 2014 .


Steam community banned twice without reason

One of the few people to hold the honor of being HWID banned from Steam

6 VAC bans on record

Will be shown autism when he's "fucked up the ass" according to raged nerd "americanhero"

2nd Place Halo: Combat Evolved CPL 2004

Hasn't paid for a video game in over half a decade
Gamerfood anniversary QL world champion 2013

Fragged Fatal1ty

Has received an angry letter IRL from a raged kid

Personally IP and SteamID banned from Empires, Obsidian Conflict and No More Room in Hell by the creators

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